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Hello Bailey Station Bears!

I am ecstatic to be teaching fourth grade for the 5th year at Bailey Station. This is the Best School Ever because of the incredible, talented students, parents, teachers, and administrators. I truly love what I do each day! What a great feeling, right?

The coolest part about our day in fourth grade is having not one awesome teacher, but TWO FABULOUS TEACHERS.

I teach math and science and Ms. Straube teaches reading and social studies.  

I love being a "Forever Fourth Grader" as my students like to say!


Recent Posts

Newsletter Nov. 14-18

Important Announcements:
November 17th-18th “Gratitude Grams” will be sold for $1.00 in the cafeteria. This is an opportunity for students to send a “Thank You” to that special someone. They will be delivered on Nov. 21-22. (All proceeds will go to St. Jude)
Explorer Day is Monday, November 21st. Students are encouraged to dress up, but it’s not mandatory. Students will rotate through all the 4th grade classrooms and participate in explorer activities.

Math- Adding/subtracting mixed numbers; changing improper fractions to mixed numbers; changing mixed numbers to improper fractions; multiply fractions by a whole number, multiples of fractions
Test Friday over the above topics. (Study guide will be given on Thursday)

Science- Ch. 4 lesson 2; Phases of the Moon quiz on Thursday- Students need to be able to draw and label the 8 phases;
Ch. 4 lesson 2 quiz on Friday.

Reading- continue with The Sign of the Beaver (no reading story from the textbook this week) reading skills- continue with summarizing and context clues

English- action and linking verbs

Social Studies- Chap. 5 test over European Colonists Tuesday, start with New England colonies after test

We hope everyone had a wonderful, long Veterans’ Day weekend! : )

Mrs. Korthauer and Ms. Straube

Newsletter Oct. 31-Nov. 4

Math- Decomposing Fractions; Equivalent Fractions
Quiz on Friday over decomposing and equivalent fractions

Science- Ch. 3 lesson 3- Environmental Changes & Extinction
Quiz on Friday

Reading- skills: main idea/details and summarizing, start reading The Sign of the Beaver in class

English- singular and plural possessive nouns

Social Studies- European colonization (Chap. 5) Chap. 5 vocab. test Friday

Mrs. Korthauer and Ms. Straube

Newsletter Oct. 24-28

We will have health screenings this Thursday.
Reports cards will go home in tomorrow’s Tuesday folder. You may keep the report card; please sign the envelope and return.
Thank you to all who came out or helped in any way last Friday. We had an excellent Bailey Bear Boogie! : )
This week is Red Ribbon Week-
Monday- WEAR RED
Tuesday- Wear camouflage
Wednesday- Wear Hats
Thursday- Wear Pajamas
Friday- Wear Crazy Socks

Science- Ch. 3 lesson 1 quiz on Tuesday; Plant adaptations

Math- Division test on Wednesday; word problems using division

Reading- continue with Theme- test towards the end of the week,

Grammar- reguluar plural and irregular plural nouns

Social Studies- SSW 9: Early English Colonies- open newspaper quiz Thursday

Mrs. Korthauer and Ms. Straube

Newsletter Oct. 18-21

Hello parents!
I hope everyone had a wonderful fall break!!!
Bailey Bear Boogie is THIS Friday! Woo hoo!!! : ) Fourth grade will be running from 1:25-1:55.
Here’s what’s going on for the rest of the week.
Reading- theme, continue reading Pedro’s Journal
English- common and proper nouns (quiz Thursday)
Social Studies- working on explorer projects using keynote on the iPads
Math- division- quiz on Wednesday, Oct. 26.
Science- chap. 3: adaptations

Mrs. Korthauer and Ms. Straube

Newsletter sept 26-30

Please join us on Thursday, Sept. 29th from 5:00-8:00pm for the BSE Bear Fair. There will be games, food trucks, teachers getting dunked in the dunk tank, and teachers getting a pie in the face. It will be fun for all! Proceeds go to by a new playground. :)
Speaking of the Bear Fair, we would love if you could bring in individually wrapped candy for prizes at our booths. Please send in by Wednesday. : ) Thank you so much!
Math- Multiplying 2 digit by 2 digits numbers. Test on Tuesday. Begin division on Wednesday

Science- Ch. 2 lesson 1- Heredity- Quiz on Thursday

Reading- text structure, cause and effect, start reading Pedro’s Journal

Grammar- continue with simple and compound sentences

Social Studies- Chap. 4 – The Age of Discovery (Explorers)

Newsletter Sept. 19-23

School Pictures are tomorrow.
Sept. 29- BSE BEAR FAIR- 5:00-7:00pm- Come on out for some family fun! Mrs. Korthauer will be in the dunk tank and Ms. Straube will get a pie in the face. Please see the attached flyer. Food Trucks and Bounce Houses will be here!
Mark your calendars and be thinking of your outfit…Friday, October 7th will be our Explorer Day!
What: Explorer Day – Students will dress in an explorer outfit and rotate to the different classrooms for a fun, hands-on explorer related activity!
Oct. 21- Bailey Bear Boogie
I have attached a flyer regarding Elementary and Middle School Wresting. Please see attachment if interested.

Math- Multiplication 2,3, 4 digits by 1 digit. Quiz tomorrow- Refer to study guide completed in class.
We will begin multiplying 2 digits by 2 digits this week.

Science- Ch. 1 lesson 3 quiz on Wednesday.

Reading- continue with compare and contrast/using context clues, four types of sentences

Social Studies- finish reading The Birchbark House

Mrs. Korthauer and Ms. Straube

Newsletter Sept. 6-9

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend! : )

Your child has a label in their binder with login information to access the online versions of Science and Social Studies Weekly Newspapers.

Math- Multiplying by 10s and 100s; Multiplicative Comparisons; Distributive Property
Science- Ecosystems- Science Studies Weekly Newspaper Quiz on Wednesday. It's open newspaper. Ch. 2 lesson 1 quiz on Friday; Study Guide completed in class on Thursday
Reading- continue with novel study (Birchbark House) and Figurative Language (Idiom) Parade Friday :)
Social Studies- start chap. 3 (Tennessee Native American groups)

newsletter aug. 29-sept. 2

PTA Meeting at 6:00pm this Tuesday in the cafeteria; Ice Cream social to follow.
Class T-shirt money is due this Friday, Sept. 2.
Math- Multi-step word problems- Quiz on Thursday
Science- Ecosystems- Ch. 1 lesson 2 quiz on Tuesday, Sept. 6th.
Reading- cite text evidence, paraphrase
English- simple and compound subjects and predicates
Social Studies- SSW4 open newspaper quiz Wednesday, Early Americans test Friday

Mrs. Korthauer and Ms. Straube

Newsletter Aug. 22-26

Thank you for coming to Curriculum Night last Thursday. If you weren’t able to make it, you should have received a packet from your child. There are forms, in the packet, that I need you to complete and return.

Please remember to send either cash or check (made payable to BSE) & phone number written on checks for the following:

Class T-Shirt $15.00
Instructional Fee $ 25.00
Room Parent Fee $10.00

PTA Membership $10.00

Upcoming Dates:
Aug. 30- Ice Cream Social/ PTA Meeting at 6:00pm in the cafeteria

Math: Adding/Subtracting
Science: Plant and Animal Cells
Reading/Spelling: fairy tales, using sequencing to summarize a text, short vowels
English: 4 types of sentences, writing a friendly letter
Social Studies: continue with early Native Americans, start Social Studies Weekly 4

Newsletter Aug.15-19

We had a wonderful first week of school! We look forward to seeing you at the 4th Grade Curriculum Night this Thursday, August 18 at 6:00 in the cafeteria.
This is a parent-only meeting. Thank you.

I am sending home a MobyMax parent letter today. It explains what to do, but your child can access it at home using the internet. I am not requiring any amount of time that must be spent, but it is there as an extra resource to practice skills.

Math: Rounding; Place-Value Test on Thursday (Study guide will be completed in
& checked over in class. Please use all notes to help with studying. The
Notes can be found on my webpage:

Science: Scientific Method Quiz on Tuesday; Start on cells

Social Studies: American Indians, Paleo and Archaic Indians

Reading: continue with reading introduction

Grammar/Writing: expository writing