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Rules, Grades, and Materials

Guidelines for the Music Room
Music Room Rules:
M-Make smart choices
U-Use good manners
S-Speak when the teacher allows
I-Involve yourself
C-Care for our classroom

Discipline Plan:
1. Verbal warning
2. "Rest Area"
3. Second time to "Rest Area"--1st choice slip given
4. Notify parents--2nd choice slip given
5. Notify administration--3rd choice slip given
* Verbal Reinforcement
* Happy Notes
* BRAVO Award--entire class daily
Conduct: All students begin on an 'S' for conduct for each nine week grading quarter.  Their grade will be adjusted at the end of each nine week period according to the grading scale below:
S--zero/one choice slip
N--two or more choice slips
First through Fifth Grade:
E--zero choice slips
S--one choice slip
N--two or more choice slips and parents have been contacted

*Students in Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade are not required to bring materials to music class.
*Students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade are required to have the following materials every week for music class:
- Music folder with pockets
- Lined loose-leaf notebook paper
- 4th and 5th grade ONLY-- recorder instrument sold in bookstore and "Recorder Express" book