Welcome to ESL!



Welcome to ESL (English as a second language) at Bailey Station!  Our ESL program focuses on communication and increasing proficiency in English.  We work closely with each student’s classroom teacher to provide our EL students with the greatest possible opportunity to achieve academic success.  I enjoy teaching ESL and learning all about each one of my students and his/her background and culture as well!  Please email me with any questions or concerns at any time.  Thanks for your support and interest in the ESL program!



Dear Students and Parents,


During this unusual time, please know that I miss you all very much, and I am committed to helping you in any way I can with your English Language development.


This message is my way of reaching out to you with resources and support to help you maintain the English language skills you’ve already learned. During this time, we will not be making any assignments or requiring any student work. However, we want to provide optional learning activities to keep you engaged in the learning process as much as possible.


The district has created a webpage offering a variety of resources for our English Learners. These resources were carefully chosen by the teachers in our ESL department and each one offers support and activities specifically designed with you in mind. I hope you will take the time to explore these resources and use them to help maintain and build on what you have learned thus far.




In addition, once a week, I will be reaching out through email or SeeSaw with a personal message or activity. Please join me and let’s stay in touch! If you have any concerns, questions, or thoughts, please get in touch with me and I will respond as quickly as possible.


Missing you more each day and hoping you and your families are staying well,


Mrs. Flynn

ESL Bailey Station Elementary