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Welcome to Bailey Station Elementary, where our children are loved and love to learn! I am honored and humbled to be the principal of this outstanding school and I am committed to helping provide the best learning environment for all of our students. I feel that every student, parent, teacher and staff member plays a vital role in helping our students achieve the academic, social and emotional goals we have set for them. Bailey Station is a school committed to excellence in education. I look forward to working with each of you and sharing another successful and rewarding school year!

Cynthia Tesreau
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IMPORTANT!!!! VOTE NOW! Follett Challenge!!!

Bailey Station Elementary has entered the Follett Challenge, a program designed to identify and reward “schools who are designing 21st century teaching and learning programs” with prizes of up to $60,000. 20% of our entry’s total score will be based on the number of votes received online.

BSE Digital Parent Meeting

Collierville Schools Digital Learning Meeting
Parent Meeting required for 1:1 rollout in 4th and 5th grades
Meetings will be in cafeteria at 6:00 on Jan. 10th and at 9:15 on Jan 11th.
Equipment sheet will need to be filled out and signed by parent before student will be given a device.
All devices will stay at school this year and will not go home.

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