Bailey Station Elementary Home


Welcome to Bailey Station Elementary School…Where Children are Loved and Love to Learn!
I am beyond excited and so honored to be the Principal of this wonderful school.  Although this is my first year as the Principal, I have been the Assistant Principal since the building opened in 2005.  My two children both attended BSE for kindergarten through 5th grade so I have experienced Bailey Station as parent and a leader.  There is no place like it!  I love this precious school and love the faculty, staff, students, and families who fill it.
While we are facing uncertain times due to the pandemic, do not worry.  While that is easy to say, I want you to know we have a plan to meet your child’s needs to the very best of our ability.  We do not take this task lightly and continue to work hard!  Let me tell you a little secret about us:  We THRIVE in difficult times! Our faculty and staff have proven this many times over throughout our 15 years as a school.  First, we love your children. We want to create the safest environment possible for them.  Second, we are identifying those essential standards that your students must know in order to be successful throughout their school career.  We are working on making sure there is CLARITY among our staff because clarity removes fear!
We feel so honored that you trust your most valuable possessions with us every day.  Oh how we have missed them!  You just have no idea! 
I am here if you need me.  We will get through this together!  We are committed to academic excellence. I look forward to meeting you and working with you as a team to ensure your child has a wonderful school year.  Remember, it is a mindset!  We must remain positive, encouraging, and supportive of one another. 
Deanna Jones
Your Principal


Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten School Year 2021-22 Application Now Open Featured Photo

Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten School Year 2021-22 Application Now Open

Voluntary Pre-K is an educational program that school districts may apply for on an annual basis and is funded by state and local funds. The purpose of the program is to provide your four-year-old child(ren), identified as being educationally and economically at-risk, with the access to a quality educational environment, in hopes of preparing he or she for future educational success. The program is of no cost to the parent(s)/caregiver(s).