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Our overall objective in the gym is for all children to learn the value of lifelong fitness. We hope that exercise and healthy eating habits are an enjoyable experience for the rest of our students' lives.
Our motto is HAVE FUN / GET FIT!!!
All research shows that healthy children are most likely to become healthy adults. We know that children who enjoy physical activity in the gym will find places to be active outside of school and hopefully for the rest of their lives.
Coach Mitchell and Coach Williams are excited to have your child in our class this year. We strive to be healthy examples to our students through our lifestyles.
Remember that you, the parent, are the most influential person in your child's life. They will model your physical activity/eating habits. Make health a family affair! Children need 60 minutes of physical activity a day. It's great for adults too! One of the most important things a parent can do for their child for Physical Education is to make sure appropriate shoes are worn on their scheduled PE day.  

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Fall Run Club Info

Attention parents!!!!! Be looking for the sign-up sheet and information for Run Club coming home in your child’s Tuesday folder on September 1st. Here are some important dates below:


Tuesday, Sept. 8th 5:15 = Registration in hall and mandatory meeting in cafeteria


Sept. 16th - Nov. 4th = Run every Wednesday morning for 7 weeks (missing Fall Break of course) 


Wednesday, Nov. 18th 8:15 A.M. = Awards ceremony in gym

Welcome 2015/16 Physical Education

Physical Education 2015/16                                        

To: All Students and Parents

From: Coach Mitchell & Coach White


Welcome to the gym – where fitness is fun! Our overall objective is for children to learn lifetime fitness; for exercise and healthy eating habits to become an enjoyable experience for the rest of their lives. We offer a broad-based curriculum that encompasses social, emotional and physical health through movement, lifetime-based activities, cooperative games, sports and health lessons. Grades are not given in our gym since our goal is for every child to develop life-long healthy habits.

Our motto is HAVE FUN  - GET FIT!

In order to accomplish these goals we ask that you follow these guidelines:

  • Please make sure your student wears appropriate athletic type shoes and clothing on PE day. Tie on or velcro shoes are best! This is for the safety of your child!
  • Students must sign the “Shoe-less Log” and will only walk for their exercise when not wearing the proper shoes. They are not allowed to participate; they miss all the fun of our fitness games and activities! Again, this is for the safety of your child.


  • If your child is unable to participate, a written note must be sent with them to PE class– PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL!!! PE teachers are on the gym floor and not at their computers. A Doctor’s excuse is necessary if they will miss more than one week. A doctor’s release is necessary to resume activity after an extended injury or illness.

The Bailey Station Discipline Policy is also used in Physical Education. Only a behavior grade is given in PE. All students begin with an “S,” and will earn an “E” if they do not get a pink slip during the nine weeks. Students are always given an opportunity or guided to making a better decision, with or without our assistance. We strive to help students make wise decisions by talking with them, allowing them a short time out to rethink a decision, working with the classroom teacher, or calling the parent to discuss the student’s choices. If a student “signs the book” a pink slip will be written and the classroom teacher will be informed. The student should discuss the behavior with a parent and return the signed pink slip the next day. This warrants a drop in their behavior grade. Signing the Bailey Station Discipline Policy assures us you have also discussed Physical Education expectations with your student.


We are happy and blessed to have your children and to teach in such an outstanding school and school system. We are passionate about being healthy! We both strive to model healthy living to our students and families. As parents you can do your part to promote physical activity and healthy habits as a family. Together, we can all help our students get the much-needed exercise and nutritious foods they need to be healthy and assure academic success!


     THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Please accept out heartfelt thanks for the gift cards, presents, and meaningful notes we received during Teacher Appreciate Week. We were over-whelmed by the love and appreciate shown to us. We are thankful to have students who come from homes that teach children to be gracious and giving.

   Students often hand us cards or gifts in the hallway, when we are on duty, going to lunch, or elsewhere in the school. Others leave items on our desks when we are not in the PE office. Sometimes the gift has no name; sometimes we do not even know who gave it to us. We hope you know that we are very grateful for all gifts! We thank each class individually as they come to the gym and do our best to acknowledge each student, always asking them to thank their parents as well.

     It is truly a blessing to be at Bailey Station where parents uphold the values of appreciation and giving, and are passing this on to their children. It is a joy to come to work – well, should we say – to play?
     We can truly say we LOVE your kids, and are thankful to have the opportunity to instill life-long healthy habits to the next generation, and to teach children to “Have Fun & Get Fit!”
Sincerely, Coach White & Coach Mitchell

On November 8th, Bailey Station had 22 students, parents, and teachers win medals in their divisions for the Race 4 Education held at the Agricenter.  We want to thank everyone who supported this race and helped raise funds for the specialists here at our school.